Silvia Serban believes that every piece of clothing she imagines can contribute to the well-being of the wearer.

For more than two decades, Silvia Serban brand stood out proposing outfits that have redefined style and reinterpreted the notion of clothing, generating a singularity, not just contemporary, but also timeless.


“I am what I am” was my first motto, which brought me many recognitions at the beginning of my career. Then I spent some time trying to define that signature-style which must be owned by any designer. My response?

I am what I am, an actor who took the role of a creator of suits, scenographer of emotions, interpreter of dreams, in the existential performances of others. My motto became “The world is a stage and we are the actors” and I follow it even today. I do not make clothes for women who are just dummies in their own lives, but for those who boldly declaim their personalities.

I know how to listen to my inspiration and sometimes I am proud to discover on the catwalk for the next season some of my already several years old ideas.

I do not make “clothes in trends”, but create tendencies that will become clothes on this world’s scenes.

I know that I play the part of my life when my customers tell me: “They all turned their heads after me!”. Abroad, my characters are called more often in the rail, even if initially the skeptic external buyers order only few models from a collection; in short while they triple the order, with the message “We sold everything and still have requests”. If you’re not afraid to be a lead actress in your own play, just try one my creations.

Will draw a round of applause!


Silvia Serban’s clothes are said to be “a playful experience, a dialogue that you would never want to end”, “… a journey into discovering and rediscovering your own person.”

“A Silvia Serban coat is like a fragrance you can not abandon, it gets under your skin.” “Silvia Serban’s clothes are seen without aggression, you see yourself without ostentation, you are YOU!

You’ve never felt better in your skin.”

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Your essence is there, you just need to discover and access it.

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