Would you like to be the proud owner of a sustainable wardrobe?

I am here to have an open talk about THE WHY, THE HOW & THE BENEFITS, both for you and for the planet DON’T BUY TO BUY!

In over 20 years of being a fashion designer, I have thought my collections always having in mind to respond to a few essential criteria: to be versatile, accessible and sometimes even funny. Thus, I created a style generically called “multifunctional”. The response I got from my clients brought me to look even further, trying to find what more I can do through my clothes to see more women feeling better in their skin, more happy women!

The answer is my interactive workshop entitled “Don’t buy to buy”, where besides my experience, I added a method based on ancient principles, learned from the best international images consultants and not only. This method has all the instrument needed to decode the design elements that match your personality. If you are spending your mornings in front of the closet wondering what to wear, even though you have more than enough clothes, I will be happy to share my knowledge with you!

Want to find out more?

Just drop me a note here with few info about yourself and I will be happy to get back to you!

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